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Parents have the legal responsibility to protect and care for their children. In Georgia, all parents divorcing must have a parenting plan in place. This plan must outline the arrangements that will be made to ensure that a child maintains a proper relationship with both parents. We will work with you to develop a plan that helps you provide the best for your child(ren), with respect to custody, visitation, and support.

Parents have the right to petition the court to determine the Custody status of their children. One type of custody is sole custody wherein one parent is awarded legal and physical responsibility for the child. When one parent is awarded sole custody, the other (non-custodial) parent can ask for visitation rights. With a shared physical custody arrangement, both parents are awarded equal time and contact with the child; with joint legal custody, both parents share in the decision making regarding the welfare of a child. Typically, one parent will be designated as the primary custodial parent in joint legal custody arrangements.

In a final order regarding the custodial status of a child, Child Support is typically established. Child Support refers to the amount that the noncustodial parent must pay to the custodial parent as their contribution to a child's basic living expenses (e.g. food, shelter, health care, clothing, and education). Child support is considered a mutual duty of both parents.

In determining child support obligations, courts generally hold that each parent should contribute in accordance with his or her means. When parents cannot agree on a support amount, the courts will determine the amount of monthly child support to be paid. Georgia has a formula determining the child support obligation based upon a percentage of income and such factors as health insurance expenses, day-care costs, and support obligations to another household.

We will help you work with the opposing party to develop a plan that is consistent with the needs and best interests of your children. In the event that both parties cannot agree on a plan, we will diligently present your case to the courts. The Smith Firm will work with you to develop a plan that fits you and your children’s needs.

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